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Massive Orgies Causes STD Outbreaks at Music Festival

People are just getting drunk and having sex with everyone without protections. There was a music festival going on and there was a massive outbreak of STDs in the city. Live music and drugs will cause people to get out of character. Wrap it up because you never know who has an STD. Do not allow drugs and alcohol to impair your judgement. Keep them rubbers on you or just wait until you settle down and get married. One night of passion can ruin your life forever so protect yourself.

Did Jordan Woods give up the booty?

This whole Jordan Woods thing is getting out of hand. Everyone accused her of Cheating with basketball player Tristian Thompson. Some claim that it Is true and others claim that it is a lie. Basketball players do not have to chase women. They have so much money and fame that the women will chase after them. Most basketball players are known for having multiple women. Maybe Jordan Woods saw an opportunity and went for the goal. She was tired of being a sidekick to Kylie Jenner. Some women will do anything for the fame and some men will do anything for the booty. They both wanted something from each other. A friendship was damaged in the process but maybe it was not a real friendship because friends forgive each other. They knew that man was a man-whore. No disrespect but Tristian is a pirate in search of DA BOOTY.

Studio Gangster

The rap game is full of studio gangsters. They are quick to take hot mess in your face but when it gets real, they want to run to their security guards. I know some studio gangsters. They let the fame get to their heads and talk crazy on the gram. Then cut off their comments and block you. I had certain people block me because they were scared. He was talking crazy because he thought I was trying to talk to his girl at the time. I told him she was a thot and he got mad. Well they are not together. He was mad over nothing because she got a new man now. Some goofy boy. I am not beefin wit dude anymore. I do not even talk to him because home be acting crazy. I would not mind doing some tracks with ole boy but cut out the mindless behavior because we grown over here.

New Lil Uzi Video

When I first saw the new lil uzi video, it remind me of Kanye West or Jay-Z videos. It had a bunch of undressed women playing violins and other instruments. He was dancing and singing off key. I thought lil uzi was gonna come harder that that tho. I mean the video did not match the song. When I heard the song, I was thinking about drugs and crackheads breaking into my car to steal my 50 cent CD. I wish lil uzi the best. This record will blow up only because he is lil uzi. If some other rapper made this video with the same lyrics, people would complain about how trash it really is. Much luv to uzi tho.

New music video from lofi hip hop artist Rich Keef

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